Arrived Homes makes rental property ownership easy

The fear of rising inflation and the resulting uncertain future worries almost everyone these days. The inflation rate in the United States shows no signs of slowing down and is now at its highest level in four decades. Meanwhile, soaring oil prices in the wake of Russia’s attack on Ukraine have experts worried that a volatile market could fuel inflation even higher.

While every inflationary period in history has had its own unique characteristics, there are universal inflation-fighting tactics that savvy fund managers should consider, such as investing in rental properties. Companies like Arrived Homes are breaking down barriers to entry into the real estate market, providing regular investors with a proven method to build wealth through a split purchase of these rental homes, condos and other properties.

For those who need convincing, Arrived Homes has the numbers to back up that claim. In fact, putting your money in the rental market over the past two decades would have shown a better performance return than if you had invested in branded stocks like S&P 500 companies.

Launched last year with heavyweight investors like Amazon and Salesforce CEOs Jeff Bezos and Marc Benioff, the Seattle startup has already made waves in elite real estate investment circles. Driven by its proprietary system, Arrived Homes has streamlined the process, allowing anyone to find and purchase fractional shares in successful rental properties across the United States.

Homes arrived

First, Arrived Homes analyzes real estate markets nationwide, locating and purchasing prime rental homes with the greatest investment potential. From Georgia to Arizona and Colorado to North Carolina, these properties are then featured on the Arrived Homes website, allowing potential investors to self-assess each pre-verified property and then make their own decisions. as to owning an interest in that property.

While stakes are available for as little as $100, many investors have between $20,000 and $200,000 in their matched properties, with the average Arrived Homes customer paying $2,300 for their first stake.

Unlike traditional homeowners who occasionally shoulder the burden of maintaining and maintaining the homes in their wallet, Arrived Homes handles this chore entirely on their own. This way, individual investors are never saddled with responsibilities like insurance and all the other headaches that come with real estate ownership.

Without these responsibilities to worry about, co-owners can sit back and earn money in two ways: through passive income from their share of rental fees collected and eventual payday as their properties continue to benefit from an increasing market value.

Screenshot of a site showing the price and statistics of a rental house
Homes arrived

“Arrival is awesome,” customer David said in his Google review. “Being able to invest smaller amounts makes it easier to get into, with a really solid return on investment. The platform is also very easy to use.

Whether a buyer is ready to invest $100 or $10,000, Arrived Homes has an array of quality investment properties ready for customers to purchase. Potential investors can head to the Arrived Homes website now to view current properties and find out what’s available for as little as $100.

Prices are subject to change.

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