City of Oakland | District 4 year in review

Date posted: January 7, 2022, 3:47 PM
Last update: January 7, 2022, 4:41 PM

District 4 year in review

2021 has been another difficult year for many Oakland residents. With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, escalating climate change, an ongoing homelessness crisis, and a record year of homicides and violent crime, it’s easy to miss all the progress our city and work have made. amazing what our communities have done to enrich their neighborhoods and #LoveLife.

That’s why I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the victories we achieved last year, the investments we will make in our communities and the work we have ahead of us. I want to be clear: these victories were not mine, but the NRES. I cannot do this job without your continued support and advocacy, thank you.

Public safety is my top priority

Whether it’s fighting gun violence, street safety or forest fire prevention, I always make public safety my top priority. This is why I have made record investments and bold new initiatives to help solve these problems.

In 2021, we worked to make Oakland a safer, healthier city by:

  • Food and beverage services, including sideshow law enforcement, ceasefire and fire services, phased out by city administration in 2020

  • Endorse historic investments in the Department of Violence Prevention and MACRO to ensure Oakland addresses the root causes of crime.

  • Work with Police Chief Armstrong to add three more police academies to help fill our OPD officer vacancies and increase 911 response time, including changes to my office to increase academies, hire diverse local agents and nationwide seek quality lateral hires to immediately fill vacancies.

  • Planning a special Oakland City Council meeting to focus on tackling violent crime.

  • Finalize the utility basement in the Piedmont Pines neighborhood to help protect our communities at high risk of forest fires

  • Call on the Oakland Police Department to make tackling gun violence a top priority.

  • Obtain additional funds for foot patrols in commercial corridors during the holidays.

  • Introduced additional funding for forest fire prevention into the budget and helped save essential Oakland Fire Department personnel.

  • Helped secure over $ 800,000 in state grants to clear hazardous vegetation along Skyline Boulevard to ensure protection of this important escape route.

  • Engage Oakland to explore a joint regional wildfire prevention authority so that we can bring a regional approach to vegetation management.

  • Invest $ 260,000 in emergency preparedness and CERT.

  • Secure more than $ 1 million in additional investment in street safety and traffic calming to help end the street safety epidemic.

  • Vote to approve the 5-year paving plan, which will continue the city’s biggest street repaving investment ever and include further safety overhauls.

Fight for children, youth and families

As a mother, I am 100% committed to making Oakland a city where our children, youth and families can thrive. This is why I have always fought to improve our parks, after-school programs, recreation centers, educational programs, and I have also led the efforts to establish a new department of children, youth and families to help to bring programs and services together under one roof. .

In 2021, we worked to make Oakland a better place for youth and families by:

  • Work to prevent the removal of key Head Start programs, ensuring Oakland residents have access to early childhood education.

  • Oakland’s Emergency Paid Sick Leave Ordinance extended to protect essential workers with pre-existing illnesses or those caring for sick relatives

  • Obtain funds to start a ministry for children, youth and families.

  • Support the Chabot Space & Science Center and help bring new NASA programs to Oakland.

  • Work to bridge the digital divide by helping to secure funding and distribute laptops and other technology through #OaklandUndivided.

  • Fighting to bring universal broadband to Oakland to ensure everyone can access the Internet.

  • Partnership with OUSD to donate and distribute 7,000 PPE kits during the start of the school year.

  • Host our first Halloween festival, hand out free costumes, pumpkins, and organize arts and crafts activities.

  • Ensure that the Boys and Girls Club has a Christmas tree and decorations to bring joy to our young people.

  • In partnership with WELO to distribute backpacks in August for the start of the school year, and organize a collection of coats and gifts in December.

  • Volunteer at Shiloh Church for their annual Thanksgiving gift, distributing over 1,500 meals.

  • Co-host a vacation lunch at St Mary’s Senior Center, handing out gift cards, masks, handmade hats, and other winter necessities.

A cleaner, greener Oakland

I love the outdoors, and my family and I often visit Oakland parks to walk our dog, hike, have a picnic, and participate in community events and cleanups. As the city continues to increase hires and investments brought by Measure Q of 2020, I have worked to provide additional funding to ensure Oakland Parks celebrate the great communities they serve and that we bring. more greenery in parts of Oakland that have often been underserved or subjected to environmental racism.

In 2021, we worked to make public infrastructure more accessible, safe and welcoming by:

  • Secure more than $ 1,500,000 in additional investments in the park, in particular:
    • $ 772,387 for the ambassadors of the city’s parks.

    • $ 306,101 to reopen the Brookdale Park Recreation Center

    • $ 35,000 for repairs to the Parc Montclair land.

    • $ 500,000 to improve Courtland Creek Park, including the installation of a new playground and outdoor gymnasium.

    • $ 100,000 to renovate the land in Redwood Heights.

    • Over $ 200,000 to help reopen washrooms at various parks, including Joaquin Miller Park.

    • $ 10,000 for the garbage cans in Dimond Park and Courtland Creek Park

  • Newly remodeled Dimond tennis courts open at Dimond Park.

  • Bring new dedicated pickleball fields to Montclair Park.

  • Celebration of the reopening of the historic Cascades at Joaquin Miller Park.

  • $ 20,000 investment in tree planting in East Oakland.

  • Join hundreds of community members as they clean up parks across town.

Celebrate #LoveLife

Oakland is a beautiful city and our diverse communities play a central role in this beauty. This is why our city is known for its artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, activists and the unique culture that helps them thrive. When we made #LoveLife our motto, we wanted to remind everyone to love their life, celebrate their city and work together to build a community that ends gun violence and we wanted that to be mainstreamed into it. DNA and culture of our city.

So in 2021 we worked to celebrate the life and culture of our city by:

  • Invest $ 50,000 to celebrate #LoveLife as the motto of the City of Oakland.

  • Obtaining $ 60,000 in additional mural funding to bring more art to our communities.

  • Invest $ 1,500,000 for cultural affairs grants.

  • Pledge up to $ 300,000 to help small businesses reopen.

  • Expand our flexible streets program to help small businesses and create more outdoor restaurants.

  • Reinstate the Prompt Payments Ordinance, ensuring that local organizations receive prompt compensation from the city for the services they provide to the people of Oakland. It means our best-loved local organizations can do more for the people of Oakland.

Raising Oakland and Tackling Our Housing Crisis

Income inequality is the worst in human history, and as wages stagnate, the cost of living continues to rise. That is why I am fighting for more well-paying jobs, more measures to fight poverty and more affordable housing and services for the homeless.

In 2021, we worked to make Oakland a more affordable place by:

  • Reaffirming Oakland’s commitment to programs such as Guaranteed Income and Transportation Pilots, and Universal Health Care.

  • Citywide quadruple approval and co-drafting of the Construction Innovation Ordinance to enable more affordable housing options to be implemented in Oakland.

  • Vote to approve millions of dollars in Project Homekey funds to be spent on hotels and dormitories to house the homeless.

  • Vote to approve a strong Howard Terminal condition sheet to keep As’s in Oakland as well as more affordable housing.

  • Extend and modify emergency paid sick leave to ensure that every Oaklander doesn’t have to choose to feed their family or care for loved ones.

While we have a lot of work ahead of us, I’m proud of everything we’ve accomplished this past year and look forward to working with you for an Oakland and working for all of us.

Wishing you a happy new year 2022,

Chairman of the Board Pro Tem Sheng Thao

#Love life

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