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Hello Mohave County!

I want to start my County Corner by thanking all the property taxpayers in County of Mohave. It’s been the 2021 tax season. Most of you have received your tax bills from the treasurer, and many of you in Lake Havasu have received two tax bills. Some of the original tax bills came out with an error, which required a second tax bill. We thank everyone for their understanding and thank everyone for giving the Treasurer time to correct incorrect invoices. We really appreciate your patience.

Speaking of patience, I also wanted to thank everyone for their patience on the transfer of acts.

Due to the very, very busy market and some changes in our office, we have a backlog of deed transfers in our system support department. We’re already seeing improvement with our newly acquired Just Appraised software, and the market is slowing down a bit, so we should be caught up by the end of the year. Once again, thank you for your patience.

It is necessary that I advise Mohave County landlords that not all of the information you find on the web regarding your property is accurate. There are aftermarket software and web software that buys timely data from the logger office, but then assumes that data is correct and provides wrong information about ownership, values, etc. It is always best to visit the websites to get the most accurate information about your property.

For example, many of you have heard of Zillow. Have you ever wondered why you search for your home on Zillow and find a value that isn’t even close to what you know? Indeed, the information used by Zillow comes from recorded documents such as deeds and affidavits of value.

Many of these documents are either inaccurate or irrelevant, such as a waiver showing that they spent $ 10 on the property. This does not mean that the property is only worth $ 10, but it is registered as such. When these documents are registered, they come to our office for verification. If this property was sold for $ 10, we do not assign a value of $ 10; we use the market approach or the cost-for-value approach. We review all deeds, property descriptions, parcel numbers, owners and more. These software companies don’t do this, so much of their information is inaccurate. Be careful where you get your information from and always check with the appraiser’s office or the treasurer’s office for exact data.

This inaccurate information provided by these web-based companies has caused serious problems in our office for new real estate owners, real estate agents and even title companies. We are diligently working on a solution to resolve this issue and to help secure Mohave County owner information.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy our beautiful weather and stay healthy!

(Jeanne Kentch is the Mohave County Assessor.)

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