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The City of Burlington accepts and reviews many types of development applications for those looking to start development projects in the city. Learn how to apply and what approvals may be required for your development project.

Start your development app

How to Submit a New Development Request
See the steps below on how to submit a new development application for a proposed development project with the City.
Find the developer app you need
Review the information on this page and the following pages to find out what kind of development app you need for your project. Requests may have their own submission processes that you can follow to get approvals.
Make an appointment for a pre-consultation meeting with the City

If your development involves submitting any of the following types of applications, you will need to book prior consultation with the City before formally submitting your application:

  • Official Plan Amendment
  • Zoning by-law amendment
  • Subdivision
  • Site Plan Control
  • Consent
  • Minor deviations, including new housing and developments in character study areas

Download and complete our Pre-Consultation Meeting Request Form and follow the instructions on the form to include all necessary information and fees to accompany your form. You must include, at a minimum:

  • Your completed form
  • Details of your development project (as described in the form)
  • Pre-consultation fees, which you can find in the development application fee.

Once you have all the necessary information, forms and fees for your pre-consultation request, contact us at 905-335-7642 for the contact to submit your request electronically. Please follow the submission standards outlined in the application form.

Once we receive your submission, we will contact you directly with the date, time and location of your pre-consultation meeting with staff. A minimum of three weeks is required, between the receipt of your submission and the meeting, to allow staff to circulate the request to the departments and agencies concerned for their comments.

During the meeting:

  • The relevant municipal departments and agencies will review their comments with you.
  • We will provide preliminary comments on the proposed development
  • We will discuss application requirements and next steps

We credit your pre-application fee to the corresponding development request, provided you submit it within one year of the date of the pre-consultation meeting. Development requests substantially different from the request presented during the pre-consultation meeting will not be credited and a new pre-consultation meeting may be required, including additional costs. We will not credit additional pre-consultation fees on future development application fees.

  1. See our development application fees
    Review our development application fee for more information on the costs associated with each type of application.
  2. Complete your submission with all requirements and fees
    Follow the instructions for submitting your specific development request, as listed on each request type page, along with all necessary forms, required information, and fees.
  3. Await contact and next steps from the City
    Await correspondence from the City describing the next steps for the approval of the application.

Burlington planning process

Learn more about the City’s planning process (for Official Plan Amendments, Zoning By-law Amendments and Plan of Subdivision Applications), including:

  • Defining urban planning
  • Why planners get involved and why plans change
  • 10-step planning process
  • The different statuses of an application
  • Public Notices
  • Ontario Lands Tribunal
  • Participate in a development project in your neighborhood

Adjustment committee

The City Adjustment Committee reviews applications for consent and minor zoning by-law variances, including new housing and development within character study areas. Learn how to submit an application and book a pre-consultation. You can also view requirements for new lot and land division applications, and view committee agendas and meetings.


Learn about the City’s Zoning By-law, which governs land use and helps implement the policies outlined in the Official Plan. Depending on the zoning designation of your property, you will need to follow specific land use and building and development regulations. If your proposed development does not comply with the bylaw, you will need to apply for a zoning bylaw amendment.

Official Plan

View the City of Burlington’s Official Plan, which guides the city’s land use strategy for the next 20 years. It ensures that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of the community. Official plan amendments propose changes to the plan due to new circumstances in the community or due to requests made by landowners.


Learn how to obtain a building permit for demolition before any demolition of a building can begin.

Grading and drainage clearance certificates

Learn how to apply for a grading and drainage clearance certificate, which must be approved before you can apply for a building permit for lots intended for a single family home, duplex or semi-detached home.

Partial lot control

A Part Lot Control Removal Application allows landowners to sell part of a lot in a registered plan of subdivision. Normally, landowners can only sell a full lot under the plan.

Site modification permit

Depending on the type of development you are proposing, you may need a site alteration permit, which ensures that you, your neighbors and the environment will not be negatively impacted by the construction when the land is altered .

Site Plan Control

Learn about site plan control, which allows the City, under the Official Plan, to control all new development, building additions, certain building renovations and miscellaneous other works on the site. exception of detached and semi-detached houses in specific areas. You can apply for a site plan for a major project, a minor alteration or a minor development. You must have site plan approval before applying for a building permit.


Find out how to apply for a Registered Plan of Subdivision, which applies to the creation of multiple smaller lots from a larger lot, with the goal of developing each smaller lot.

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