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From levee improvements, city park upgrades, and authority appointments and reappointments, Williamsport City Council had a busy Thursday to knock down several items that stood out to them. presented by Mayor Derek Slaughter’s administration.

In regards to the ongoing flood levee recertification process, the council awarded the final design of the North West Levee System Cross Pipe System to Wood Environmental and Infrastructure Solutions for $66,500, but with questions as the company continues to be a business partner of the city.

The design will involve prepping the cross pipes for the slip coating instead of digging them in, said city engineer Jon Sander. The cost will be paid using the US bailout fund, he said. Construction bids should be prepared no later than August 1 depending on the condition

Department of Environmental Protection permitting schedule and other factors that may condense the schedule.

The company was among the most expensive of the three that submitted bids. This led to questions from the board to Sander about why he was chosen.

Wood has worked for many years with the city on the levee project and has the expertise, familiarity and intimate knowledge on the progress toward recertification of the levee, an unfunded federal mandate.

Still, while adviser Liz Miele said she understood that rationale, the disparity between Wood and another corporate offer was $25,000. She said there could be an opportunity in the future for the city to branch out based on the work that needs to be done, to make sure the city gets its money’s worth.

Council Speaker Adam Yoder echoed those sentiments and said that while these are the seven worst cross pipes of around 60, it will be important for the city administration to consider the price, to keep sellers honest and seek the best value for future work.

Improvement of parks

The Council approved a resolution committing $75,000 in local matching funding for a State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grant for the city. The grant will be used to improve park systems.

If received, it will be used for a comprehensive plan of recreational and open spaces and additional green infrastructure.

The goal is to see more connectivity to city parks such as pedestrian and bicycle lanes.

Mayor Derek Slaughter said the grant application is being processed by Delta Development Group and the city should be notified by late fall and begin improvements in 2023.

Council has approved a change order for the Lose Park playground improvement project. The park at the 1100 block of Memorial Avenue will be undergoing several upgrades including sidewalks, sidewalk accessibility, a resurfaced basketball, accessible playground equipment, lighting and a possible pagoda or pavilion. The park is in a residential area, with a mix of rental properties, owner properties and is close to Memorial Park and all it has to offer with the newly renovated Memorial Pool.

The change order was for Larson Design Group design work that went from $31,655 to $32,955, or $1,300, said August Skip Memmi, the city’s director of community and economic development.

Any cost overruns for the works will be managed under the action plan so that sufficient funds are available to complete the project as originally designed, he said.

Using the services of Larson Design, the city was able to receive and review three construction bids instead of one and held the pre-tender meeting on April 11. Offers will be reviewed by Larson and the attorney for legal purposes.

Miele noted that the request to change the order was for an incurred expense and that the board reauthorized it.

The council has approved a land development plan for West Pharmaceuticals, 2921 Reach Road. The company is building an 11,445-square-foot addition and adding paint stripes to its parking lots that will have 174 parking spaces and two accessible spaces, said city zoning officer Gary Knarr.

The council approved a land development plan for the first phase of the Old Town land, 225 E. Third St.

Pine Ridge Construction Management Inc. plans to build a three-story building with up to 12 commercial spaces for lease and 12 second and ground spaces for townhouses for sale, Knarr said.

The land development plan was approved on the condition that Lycoming College finalize the deed of dedication and that it be registered.

Council leadership was excited about the mutual benefits of the project for the developer, the college and the city.

The board approved land development for Revapurii LLC, 868 First Ave. The developer is planning a mixed-use commercial and apartment building.

Council closed community development block grant orders the previous year to ensure funds were reallocated through 2021 to fund the three fire trucks — two engines and a ladder — for about $700,100, Memmi said. .

Council approved the consolidation of lots for Brett and Sue Johnson at 730 Wildwood Blvd. The couple want an additional building for storage.

Council has approved a subdivision and consolidation of lots at 607 Cemetery Street and St. James Place. The owner of the former RC Smith Building is looking for developers to build on the site.

Council approved Don Lundy to replace a Williamsport Redevelopment Authority term ending January 7, 2023.

Slaughter noted that Lundy has been a resident for many years and has extensive knowledge of residential, commercial and industrial construction. Miele noted how the objectives of the redevelopment authority should take on renewed vigor and purpose, especially with the planned funding of the land bank using ARPA funds.

However, she added that the authority had one more vacancy and that two of the five who sat there had strong business ties to the community and suggested that the next appointment would be someone who is unlikely to meet. a conflict of interest or putting the authority in a position where a quorum could not be achieved or an abstention could not result in a recommendation on a vote due to familiarity with the members of the community.

The Board approved the reappointment of Andree Phillips for another five-year term at the Williamsport Municipal Water and Sanitary Authority.

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