Golden Trust Sinopac Fengze hybrid fund opens for subscription today

June 28, 2021 (China Knowledge) – The Golden Trust Sinopac Fengze Hybrid Fund (011380) is launched today for subscription. The fund is a moderate allocation fund managed by Golden Trust Sinopac Fund Management Co., Ltd. This fund invests mainly in bonds, the spread between the allocation of bonds and equities is generally greater than 10%.

Our records show that the company currently manages 27 funds with aggregate assets of 28.39 billion RMB.

Investment manager Lin Zheng has more than 5 years of experience. He previously developed expertise in mitigating various risks, optimizing fund performance and holds a master’s degree. It currently manages 11 funds, for a total of RMB 14,438 million in assets under management (AUM).

Lin seeks to invest the fund primarily in the manufacturing, information transmission, software and information technology and real estate sectors. The top 5 holdings in its current portfolio are China Development Bank (160213), Guangdong Kinlong Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (002791), Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Corporation (Group) Co., Ltd (101901237), Hua Xia Bank Co., Limited (2028054) and Guizhou Shuanglong Airport Development Investment (Group) Co., Ltd (2080097), among which the best performing stock has risen 13.64% in the past 3 months.

Golden Trust Sinopac Fengtai Hybrid Fund (009054) that it manages, since April 29, 2020, achieved the best performance recording 14.39% in terms of annualized return, exceeding the average return of its peers. In the last 6 months he has achieved a total gain of 6.79%.

Its other 10 funds are the Golden Trust Sinopac Xingli Bond Fund (001918), the Golden Trust Sinopac Xingli Bond Fund (001919), the Golden Trust Sinopac Xingrong Bond Fund (002073), the Golden Trust Sinopac Xingrong Bond Fund (002074) and so immediately offer annualized performance. from 2% to 8%.

China Knowledge tracks and monitors all historical performance of fund managers to assess their resilience when dealing with market volatilities. In this regard, Lin receives a “C” grade. This rating means that the returns of the funds managed are in line with the average of similar funds or correspond to market benchmarks. Its risk control may need to be improved. When it comes to resilience to market volatilities, it may expose itself to higher risk and may underperform. The highest rating for a fund manager is “A +” to the next lower order of “A”, “B”, “C” and the lowest is “D”.

Subscription to this new fund will close on August 20.

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