Jackie Brousseau-Pereira: Easthampton Dems on voting issues

Posted: 10/29/2022 12:33:23

Modified: 29/10/2022 12:33:02 PM

The Easthampton Democratic Town Committee supports a yes vote on Question 1, Question 2 and Question 4. We decline to take a position on Question 3.

Issue 1, the Equitable Distribution Amendment, would create an additional 4% tax on the portion of a person’s annual income over $1 million. Policymakers predict that this tax would raise an additional $2 billion a year, which would be used to fund transportation infrastructure, pre-K-12 public education, and public higher education. This issue attempts to alleviate income inequality and commits to spending the increased revenue where it is most needed: infrastructure and education.

Issue 2, Medical Loss Ratios for Dental Insurance, would regulate dental insurance rates and require insurance companies to spend at least 83% of premiums on dental care for members, as opposed to administrative costs and premiums for insurance company executives. If this threshold is not reached, the insurer will be required to reimburse the excess premium to the persons and groups covered. Question 2 also prevents insurance companies from raising premiums in response to this change.

Issue 4, Removing proof of citizenship or immigration status from driver’s licenses, would ratify a law already passed by the Legislature, allowing undocumented immigrants in Massachusetts to obtain driver’s licenses or driver’s licenses. learner driver if they meet all the usual requirements, including a road test, proof of identity and residency. This law is in place in 17 other states where it has made roads safer. He has the support of many members of law enforcement. Stateless people who obtain a license will not be registered to vote – a common misconception by opponents of this issue.

A yes to each of these questions is consistent with the platform of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. We believe that “every person has the right to live a full and meaningful life with equal access to opportunity, safety and inclusion and that government exists to empower people by providing high quality public education. , guaranteeing universal access to health care, protecting our environment, reducing income inequalities and guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities for all.

Jackie Brousseau-Pereira

Chairman, Easthampton Democratic Town Committee

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