Jaguars will recognize new Americans at halftime

Sunday afternoon, at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, the Jaguars will complete their journey through the 2021 NFL season.

At halftime, however, 74 Florida residents will come together in the field to complete the final leg of their individual journey to becoming U.S. citizens. The Jaguars are owned by Shad Khan, a first generation immigrant who himself attended the ceremony in 1991 and that his team is the only club in the NFL to hold such a ceremony and has obviously done so four times. no coincidence.

The Honorable Marcia Morales Howard, United States District Court Judge, will swear allegiance to each of those lawful permanent residents who have met all legal requirements for citizenship.

The group of 74 people come to TIAA Bank Field on Sunday from 32 different countries, as far as Albania and Vietnam. They range from 19 to 66 years old and include active-duty members of the US Navy, healthcare workers, information technology workers, and families.

The Silbers have always wanted to live in the United States. Their lives and careers in finance and IT have taken them from South Africa to the UK and Hong Kong.

“When my husband was given the opportunity to work in the United States as part of his job, I said, ‘This is amazing, let’s go! I didn’t even go. I just knew I wanted to live here and in the south in particular, ”explained Robyn Silber. “This is my new home and I love it. It is a privilege to be American. I love the opportunity and the education that is available here.”

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