KB Kookmin Bank signs MoU with Lloyd Banking Group

Main office of KB Kookmin Bank in Seoul

KB Kookmin Bank announced on September 23 that it had signed an Investment Banking (IB) Memorandum of Understanding with UK Lloyd Banking Group.

The MoU allows KB Kookmin Bank to jointly invest in syndicated real estate loans to be arranged by Lloyd Banking Group. The two companies will expand the scope of their cooperation in the future.

KB Kookmin Bank seeks to lay the foundation for exploring foreign financial markets through cooperation with global financial institutions, while Lloyd Banking Group plans to strengthen its network with Asian financial institutions and consolidate its position in the UK market.

KB Kookmin Bank has steadily expanded its global IB business, focusing on low-risk real assets, such as a joint financing deal for Canada’s gas pipelines and a mortgage at Google’s office in the Silicon Valley in the United States.

In addition, the bank opened IB business units in Hong Kong in 2017 and in New York and London in 2019. The IB Singapore unit will open in December. It plans to sharpen its IB competitiveness and secure new growth engines by securing global bases in financially developed countries.

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