Kelly Clarkson Reaches Ownership Deal With Ex-Husband

Kelly Clarkson and her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock have been in a long divorce battle. In June 2020, the american idol The winner announced her separation from the former talent manager. Since then, their divorce drama has played out in the media. Thanks to the court, Kelly became “Miss Independent”.

Yet she still fights with her ex over their properties and finances. They reached a settlement amid their ongoing homeownership battle. On Thursday, January 20, the Los Angeles County Superior Court filed court documents in support of their ownership agreement. The judge awarded Brandon a 5% share of their Warren Peak Ranch property.

Does Brandon Blackstock own his Montana ranch?

It has previously been reported that Kelly Clarkson is the sole owner of the property. She was the one who bought the property when they got married in 2019. Brandon is staying on the property as he has nowhere to live. He left Hollywood to become a full-time breeder. While the judge previously granted Kelly Clarkson full ownership of the ranch, Brandon now owns a 5% share.

“Brandon’s separate ownership interest in the Warren Peak Ranch is 5.12%,” the documents state, per USA today. “The parties agree that Brandon’s 5.12% interest in Warren Peak Ranch is $908,800.”

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While Kelly Clarkson retains full ownership of the property, Brandon has no ownership rights to their adjoining ranch, according to court documents. Neither party will testify about the “fair market value” of their ranch or adjacent property. The couple’s divorce battle is ongoing with several legal battles. Kelly sued Brandon for management fees at his former business, and the couple continue to fight for their two children, daughter River and son Remington.

In November 2020, Kelly was granted primary custody of their children. Brandon attempted to have their prenup agreement thrown out of court. The judge rejected his request because it is still valid in the divorce proceedings. The prenup reveals that the ranch and their other two properties are still marital property.

What does this mean for Kelly Clarkson?

Brandon still resides on their marital property. So what does this mean for Kelly Clarkson? This means that she cannot hunt him, as previously assumed. It just means that Brandon and Kelly don’t share ownership 50/50. He only has a small part of his ranch.

According to People and entertainment tonight, he lived at the Montan Ranch. However, it is not known if he has since moved on. Kelly Clarkson has filed for divorce after seven years of marriage. She cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation. The voice Coach also owns his $8.5 million home in Encino, California.

What do you think about Brandon getting a piece of their Montana ranch? Do you think that’s right? Do you think he should move? Sound off below in the comments section.

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