Letter to the Editor: Defending Private Property | Letters to the Editor

Recently, The Californian published articles discussing Senate Bill 1137 identifying far-reaching impacts on the public and the oil industry. Anti-fossil fuel groups have said that hasn’t gone far enough. Unfortunately, the articles did not address the impacts on hundreds of suppliers and individuals who serve the oil industry. The economic fallout will significantly harm California and Kern County. Local tax revenues will decrease with the ban on exploring or developing oil wells. Businesses and individuals, myself included, may go out of business or leave California, which has a onerous effect on well-paying jobs.

The most serious problem concerns the “conviction without compensation”. There are perhaps millions of homeowners who have had their property rights illegally taken 3,200 feet back. Consider how the State of California modified the interchange at Highway 99 and Westside Parkway. Government agencies took some private properties and paid “fair market value” to each owner.

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