Lindiwe Sisulu is the South African spiritual leader born…

Dear Most Honorable Minister Lindiwe Nonceba Sisulu,

I hope this email finds you decolonized.

Please excuse my timing; I’m sure it’s been a busy week for you since your opinion piece was released on January 7, from the home of #Tembisa10, IOLs. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to share your many, oh so many, thoughts with us. That you had so many thoughts so early in the year is just inspiring. Your words have been a spiritual revelation to me.

However, I must confess that at first I almost missed the said spiritual revelation. I had heard around the office that you were in something called RET, and after reading the opening paragraph of your opinion piece, challenging the validity of the very laws of our country, I suspected that this RET might be some kind of illicit substance.

“Apartheid was ‘legal’. Jim Crow laws in the United States were “legal”. Colonialism was “legal”. Even the Nazis were “legal”. So what does it mean to have the rule of law? And who owns the law anyway? ” you wrote. Later, in the last paragraph, you drive the point home by asking: “We have a neoliberal constitution of foreign inspiration, but who are the interpreters? And where is the African value system of this constitution and the rule of law? If the law does not work for Africans in Africa, then what good is the rule of law?

RET is a hellish drug, I thought, and I want to try it at least twice. Still, I was taken aback by your words and found myself asking aloud: “What do I read in the circular reasoning of Julius Malema? Isn’t this person a sworn minister to enforce the law since 1994? Hasn’t she held a ministerial position every year for 27 years? What kind of twist is this? This really must be the season finale of the South African show.”

But slowly, as I continued to read your compilation of thingy-words, I began to realize my mistake, that RET was not just a street drug, but rather a spiritual path. The epiphany came to me reading the more denominational parts of your letter, as you apparently made it clear what life has been like for you and your class over the past 27 years, writing, “What we have witnessed under a supreme constitution and the rule of law since 1994 has been the co-optation and invitation of political power brokers to the dinner table, whose job it is to keep the masses silent in their suffering as they dine caviar with colonized capital (CC). After dinner, a lot happens under the table and around the table. Some call it stomach politics. Politicians take care of them and their families while those who put them there go to bed hungry, waiting for crumbs from the table. I cried. And a few paragraphs later, I could imagine the tears of mascara running down your minister’s face as you sat in a Carrie Bradshaw pose and typed: “What happened to us?”

Once I accepted this, indeed, I was reading the enlightened words of a spiritual travel companion, rather than the words of a pampered member of an incompetent ruling class riding the ponytails of good repute. their parents and sniffing too many RET lines, your words have grown in my esteem and insight.

This line in particular spoke to me, healed me:The most dangerous African today is the mentally colonized African. And when you place them in leadership positions or as interpreters of the law, they are worse than your oppressor. They have no ideological foundation of African or Pan-African inspiration. Some are confused by foreign belief systems.

I felt that Sis, I felt her deep inside me like a lost condom. You succeeded and gave me such great inspiration for my New Year’s resolution. As a general rule, I don’t like setting myself up for failure by participating in practices rooted in alien belief systems, like taking New Year’s resolutions, but I’m currently on vacation in rural Eastern Cape and I’m out of prescription Decoloniserex® pills and the nearest pharmacy that’s an hour away is out of stock. So my mental situation feels a bit colonized. I don’t know if you’ve been to these areas, but the infrastructure here is a bit of a mess, probably because our government only had 27 years to fix it. It’s a shame, poor people.

Anyway, about my New Year’s resolution; I feel lost lately and desperately need some spiritual decolonization. I still meditate regularly; I continue to practice numerology; my collection of crystals continues to grow; I keep an open heart and keep in touch even with old misguided friends who have chosen to move to Noordhoek, Kommetjie or Scarborough. Yet even as spiritually superior to most I know myself, I find myself overwhelmed with a sense of spiritual homelessness, a spiritual bergie so to speak. But as I read your various reflections, my chakras gradually decolonized and I realized that the RET Church had indeed transformed you into a being of exceptional spiritual enlightenment. I want this for me in 2022. I want a conversion like Damascene like yours. Lead me on the lighted path of the RET.

As someone who doesn’t follow the news, until I read your article I always saw you through the lens of this 2007 goofy drama, when you were Housing Minister, and lived through a time of apartheid when you wanted to forcibly evict some 6,000 residents of Joe Slovo’s informal settlement in Cape Town. I believe it was reported that you wanted to move them even further from the city center, which was being renovated and gentrified for the 2010 soccer World Cup at the time, to the infamously dangerous township of Delft, so you can build 1,000 of the houses for the people you said were “higher on the housing list”. I remember the reports of how they blocked the N2 and protested outside parliament and demanded that you at least come and meet them and consult with them and hear their ideas on ‘earth’.

At the time, you refused to hear from these landless Africans, accusing them of being “unwilling to accept that the communities of the future transcend race and class”. And in Parliament you said that “If they choose not to cooperate with the government, they will be completely removed from all housing waiting lists.”

And now look at you, a champion of the masses! A RET Kween! Honestly, at first I was surprised when I read your 2022 thoughts on land and real estate: Roman-Dutch property law. But where is the native law? It has been reduced to a footnote in your law schools. Where are the African value systems and customs of land, wealth and property? »

At first I thought your new perspective on land and property might be a side effect of the vaccine, but eventually it became clear that I was witnessing a true RET miracle. Give me that RETex® or whatever they feed you for communion at the RET church, my mentally colonized brain desperately needs it!

I’m a big proponent of alternative ways of knowing, and the path of the RET and the perpetual discourse on colonialism is obviously to be followed. It is the only spiritual path that makes sense for a country like ours. Personally, I don’t think it would be good for the perception of the nation’s well-being if we saw ourselves as a failed post-colonial state, a failed African state whose leaders are corrupt and whose voters are trash. neck.

Through the RET Church, and by following the RET Path, we can realize that the real problem is not just corruption, crime, greed, incompetence and spectacular failure to lead. But rather as you say in various parts of your “Greatest Discourse Hits” compilation: an ill-conceived constitution, Roman-Dutch laws, “black politicians [who] have become black assets for colonized capital.”, “mentally colonized African[s]», « The negroes of the house ».

Thank you my RET Kween. I realize now that the RET path tells us to “look over there” as a benevolent gesture, for our spiritual and mental well-being. Surely it is better to take a long look at the material truth of our country, our current reality, and the pampered ministers who have been in power for 27 years of progressive march to dismal failure and broken promises.

Yours in #RETlife


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