Locals opposed to CCTV glare on Eidgah Ground

Bengaluru: It was reported that unidentified people removed the CCTV camera pole installed by the police near the Eidgah ground in Chamarajapet on Saturday night. Following a controversy, the pole was planted to facilitate CCTV monitoring. However, locals oppose such a decision.

Following an altercation between the police and the residents, the situation was brought under control recently. However, it was learned that on Saturday evening the CCTV pole was found knocked down. After the police made inquiries of the youths playing cricket on the ground, they gave a blank. In the meantime, the cops decided to install CCTV cameras on the sidewalk outside the ground. Police said they were working to change the location of the facility.

The BBMP was instrumental in installing 12 CCTV cameras around the pitch at the request of the police following the land ownership dispute. Residents, who noticed the work in progress, came to the scene and protested. Residents argued with BBMP assistant engineer Umesh, who then made it clear to residents that the cops had asked them to install CCTV cameras. However, locals questioned the purpose of installing CCTV cameras in the area.

Residents are outraged and suspect that the BBMP and the police are working against the residents, most of whom are Muslims. A JCB was used to lay the cables for the CCTV installation, which was disrupted by locals. Residents got into a verbal spat with police who tried to disperse them. They demanded to know if the work had been commissioned by the BBMP. Without any work orders, how could they resume work, they asked. Later, the works were stopped and the inhabitants were pacified by the police.

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