Mill Valley Parks Commission assesses priority projects

The Mill Valley Parks Commission has identified the sod installation and Marin City shuttle service among its top goals for 2022.

Sean McGrew, the city’s recreation director, made a presentation Wednesday to the commission on priority projects in fiscal year 2022-2023. The priorities will guide a presentation to be made to city council in February.

Projects include renovating and redesigning the Bayfront Park and Bell Ropers Field trails to increase usable space; launch of a shuttle service to connect Marin City to the parks of Mill Valley; install sod on sports fields; the renovation of play structures for disabled children; the establishment of a sand volleyball court at Bayfront Park; and establishing a coffee retreat at the community center.

Most of the plans had not moved beyond the idea and presentation phase in the past year. Commissioners urged McGrew and other staff to come back with details that could move the plans forward.

“I would like to see the process come to an end,” said Commissioner Jamie Firmage. “Let’s move forward with the priority projects as described.”

A first report on field sod was made on December 1st. The commission asked city staff to research sod viability at Bayfront Field, Bell Ropers Field, Alto Field, Hauke ​​Field North and Hauke ​​Field South. The city continued with the plan due to the drought.

The city did not present any new information related to the pros and cons of each of the areas. There were various obstacles for each of them, including the source of irrigation, the year of most recent renovation, the size of the field, permitting agencies such as the Bay Conservation and Development Commission of San Francisco, property and cultural artifacts at the sites.

The proposed transportation link between Mill Valley Parks and Marin City is known as the Tam Transportation Loop.

“I feel pretty strongly about this particular topic because it’s about accessibility, it’s about transportation, we just talked about steps and lanes and paths and we talked about fairness,” Firmage said. “Even if this is overkill for this commission, it is something that I encourage all of us to consider because, in my humble opinion, it is a necessary and necessary opportunity.”

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