Ministry of Finance places government bonds worth UAH 8.3 billion and US $ 112 million

On June 22, the Ministry of Finance placed national government debt obligations of UAH 8.3 billion and US $ 112 million.

The finance ministry said so in a statement, the Ukrainian news agency reports.

The Ministry of Finance offered investors six issues of securities in national currency and one issue in foreign currency.

The period of circulation of government bonds offered in hryvnia is six months, one year, one and a half, two years, three years and five years.

The duration of circulation of the bonds offered in dollars is one year.

From the placement of government securities in national currency, UAH 8.3 billion was attracted to the state budget.

The weighted average yield on six-month government bonds was 9.0%, one-year bonds – 10.97%, 1.5-year bonds – 11.30%, two-year bonds – 12 , 0%, three-year bonds – 12.30% and five-year bonds – 12.59%.

In turn, $ 112 million was raised through the placement of government bonds denominated in foreign currencies.

The weighted average yield on one-year dollar government bonds was 3.70%.

As a result of the auction, the state budget attracted the equivalent of UAH 11.4 billion.

As the Ukrainian news agency reported earlier, in 2019 the Ministry of Finance raised UAH 227.6 billion, US $ 4.3 billion and € 387 million from the state budget. through the placement of government bonds.

In 2020, the Ministry of Finance raised UAH 258.8 billion, US $ 3.9 billion and € 845 million in the state budget through the placement of national government debt bonds.

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