Neighbors’ feud leads to gun battle in Bluefield

January 8 – BLUEFIELD – A real estate dispute between two neighbors led to a shootout Thursday night in Bluefield.

“One individual has been shot several times,” said Detective Lt. Kenny Adams of the Bluefield Police Department. “He was sent to a hospital in Charleston and is in stable condition.”

Adams said the shooting happened around 7:20 p.m. in a yard between Third and Fourth Streets.

The men involved in the incident – the gunman and the person who was shot – were both armed, Adams said.

The shooting was the result of a continuing disagreement between the two men over ownership of property between their two residences, Adams said.

Due to the snowstorm Thursday night, Adams said a man could not get to his regular parking spot on Fourth Street. So he parked on Third Street and started walking through the vacant property to his home.

“He was technically walking on property that neither of the two men owned,” Adams said. “It led to the argument and the shooting.”

Adams said the wives of the two men were also at the scene when the shooting took place.

“They were fighting over ownership, and that’s what led to the dispute,” Adams said.

Adams said the man who was shot has been identified as Kenneth Hurt. No age was available.

The man who shot Hurt surrendered to authorities, with the gun, immediately after the incident, Adams said.

No charges have been laid.

Adams said the case is still under investigation. Once it is completed, it will be handed over to the prosecution who will decide whether or not to present it to the grand jury.

“Conflict between neighbors is a constant battle,” Adams said. “They can escalate.”

He recommended that people involved in a dispute between neighbors “bring him to the courthouse or contact the police to arbitrate.”

Thursday night’s snowstorm also had an impact on the response to the scene. Adams said some emergency vehicles got stuck in the snow as they tried to get to the scene of the shooting.

– Contact Samantha Perry at [email protected]

– Contact Samantha Perry at [email protected]

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