New Jersey real estate attorney Christine Matus explains silent title action

New Jersey real estate attorney Christine Matus posts a new article ( explaining the meaning of Quiet Title Action in New Jersey. The lawyer explains that for many people, buying or selling real estate can be one of the most complicated transactions a person can encounter. In this process, there may be questions or disputes regarding the rightful owner of the property.

“A silent title is not a type of deed or title, but rather a lawsuit. It is used when there is a dispute over title to a property; it is designed to “calm” claims to the property in question and decide who owns it. You can also file a discreet title action when there are breaks in the chain of ownership, such as when you buy property through an estate sale. Boundary or easement disputes, survey errors, and claims by lien holders often also result in quiet legal action,” says the New Jersey real estate attorney.

The attorney explains that many people consider a low-key title action to be the last resort for resolving land ownership disputes. Sometimes it may be advisable to seek help from someone who may be able to help resolve the dispute. A person should not hesitate to apply to the circuit court in order to protect his interests.

Lawyer Christine Matus adds that anyone who believes they have an interest in a property may be able to file a title action quietly. Certain parties can usually bring this type of lawsuit. These parties include those who inherit property, entrepreneurs who buy real estate after the lender has seized it, and borrowers who are trying to secure a mortgage.

In the article, attorney Matus points out that some low-key title actions are limited in scope and are only designed to address specific issues, rather than broad property disputes. It is also important that recourse to the circuit court in order to protect the interests of the individual is done quickly.

According to the lawyer, “When you buy or inherit real estate, you shouldn’t have to go through many steps to prove that you are the free and clear owner. Occasionally, however, you will have to deal with unscrupulous or dishonest people who claim to have an interest in your property. When this happens, you should not hesitate to speak to an experienced and competent lawyer to find out if the best course of action is to pursue discreet legal action.

Finally, Attorney Matus stresses the importance of having a qualified attorney when it comes to real estate transactions. An experienced lawyer can help the client understand their rights in the transaction and the steps to follow.

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