Out of two hospitals in a month, new efforts to restore services in Chester County

The organizations formed a task force aimed at minimizing the disruption caused by the closures and launched a last-ditch attempt to get the courts involved.

  • Tim Lambert

(West Chester) – Brandywine Hospital in Coatesville officially closed on Monday – join Jennersville Hospital in West Grove as the second medical operation owned by Tower Health to turn off lights in Chester County in just one month.

Local organizations have responded with two different efforts to maintain hospital services, including forming a task force to minimize disruption from the closures and a last-ditch attempt to get the courts involved.

The Chester County Medical Society said it would ask the Court of Common Pleas to support Canyon Atlantic Partners LLC legal offer to reverse the closure of the two hospitals.

In a statement, the company said “Canyon’s success in litigation will result in the competent operation of both hospitals, hospitals that will serve our communities, hospitals that we can be proud of.”

Canyon’s attorneys asked a judge for a preliminary injunction, arguing that Tower Health breached the terms of the contract by withdraw from the original agreement sell Canyon hospitals without notice.

A decision on the injunction is expected this week.

Tower Health

Brandywine Hospital

Meanwhile, the nonprofit Coatesville Area Alliance for Health Equity announced Monday that it has formed a task force, made up of representatives from nearly 20 local and county organizations, which will seek to address the immediate impact of the closures and “rebuild a strong and equitable society”. regional health system.

“We really wanted to make sure we had the opportunity to convey to our community, especially those who were impacted by the shutdown, what is really happening at the local level,” said Vanessa Briggs, President and CEO. leadership of the Alliance for Health Equity, told WHYY News.

The Health Services Leadership Group working group will be divided into two sub-groups: Advocacy and Coordinated Health Services. The advocacy group plans to conduct a community needs assessment to “capture residents’ health care concerns and needs related to hospital closures.” The coordinated health services team will seek to identify gaps in the health care system.

Briggs said that as a low-income area and as the only city in Chester County, Coatesville faces barriers that many people associate with large metropolitan areas: housing and food insecurity, as well as economic inequality – problems that have a negative impact on the health of residents. This adds to health disparities between people of different incomes and races in the county.

“Because it has limited resources and access to services, it is forged with a higher priority of health disparities. So we see bigger diseases around cardiovascular disease, hypertension, asthma, obesity, etc. Briggs said. “And so there are some of the nuances that we would see that are probably more concentrated in that hospital catchment area, when we compare that to the county as a whole.”

She hopes that with the help of county and local stakeholders, the task force can help close these health care gaps, while seeking to revitalize hospital services in surrounding areas.

In a statement, Chester County Commissioners thanked the Alliance for Health Equity for establishing the task force.

“We believe in its potential to become a model that communities across the rest of Chester County and the Commonwealth could draw on to deal with the short-term impacts of hospital closures and the long-term design of a health care system. health care focused on community needs and equity.”

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