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Freedom versus tyranny – that’s what we conservatives are up against. We have every right to install the sign in question at the GOP headquarters in Trumbull as the first right of modification. I remind you that radical left-wing Marxists have repeatedly used horrible and defamatory names and untruths about President Trump and his administration for years. Democrats can say anything and do anything without repercussions. Biden and his regime are trying to transform our beloved country.


Several letters from readers and Sound Offs have been sent to Trumbull GOP head office ‘ “Let’s go, Brandon” sign as vulgar, unpleasant, insulting and deceptive. These whiners forgot how Representative Tlaib called President Trump a derogatory name; how actors (Robert) DeNiro and (Debra) Messing screamed “(Expletive) Donald Trump” at awards or talk shows. Finding the disgraceful GOP sign is hilarious.


Euphemism “Let’s go, Brandon” is disrespectful to Biden? Here are examples of Democratic disrespect for Trump. Representative Rashida Tlaib said: “We are going to dismiss the mother (expletive);”w The vitriolic diatribes of Representative Maxine Waters “Remove 45; “ Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump’s State of the Union address in 2020; Kathy Griffin brandishing Trump’s bloody fake head; Madonna thought about “Blow up the White House; “ to be called a racist, white supremacist, Nazi, fascist, dictator. Thank you Kelli Stavast, NBC Sports Presenter, who initiated this gift that keeps on giving!


If cities want WRTA, they should pay for it. Municipalities should not be forced to subsidize. How would this benefit Johnston, Vienna, Braceville or the other townships of Trumbull? I don’t think Commissioner Frenchko knows that she represents all of Trumbull County, not just the towns.


Commissioner Frenchko and her angry fans should subscribe to the Tribune Chronicle so they can actually see what’s covered, so they don’t embarrass themselves online and in meetings crying over the lack of things in print . Reading is not that difficult.


Good game. The ex-CEO of Lordstown Motors can expect to receive a cool payout of $ 18.8 million along with his regular salary of $ 750,000 after voluntarily leaving the company he founded. Not bad for two years of chatter and apologies. They call that “Creative funding gone wrong”. Thank you for the lesson in high finance. Anyone else wanna play in this desperate valley?


Kudos to the Warren G. Harding High School bands and director Reid Young and assistants for an outstanding performance at Packard Music Hall recently. Nationally recognized members of Dallas Brass here for the Warren Civic Music concert hosted a workshop at the school for the students. Then 53 members joined Dallas Brass on stage that night to an enthusiastic audience. The performance of the members of the Harding group garnered praise from audiences for his poise, ability and stage presence. Warren can be very proud of these students!


Thank you to the Girl Scouts, leaders and volunteers who made and placed scarecrows around downtown Hartford. What a fun spectacle in Hartford!


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of this Build Back Better program already. America is on the brink and the Socialists have already started the bulldozer.


The people of Ohio have been promised infrastructure for years and Democrats have kept their promises. The previous administration promised infrastructure but instead established income inequalities. Now things are different with the people-centered approach of the Democrats and the Biden administration to rebuilding our nation. Working families will benefit from new infrastructure and new jobs that will be created by an investment of $ 9.7 billion in our state. This is a huge victory for workers in Ohio who are already benefiting from the Build Back Better program.


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