Sunday Letters to the Editor

The war on women

Dear Editor:

Based on a real incident that took place during the 14th Century Crusades, if a woman was raped, she usually kept it to herself for a good reason. Raping a wife was not a crime against the wife, but was a crime against property and therefore a crime against a husband, if there was one. In the movie, she was married to a knight who had gone to fight in the crusades and a man he considered a friend raped his wife. She told her husband when he returned and he sued the rapist and the king and demanded a duel. In this era of theocratic rule alongside a king, if the duel took place and the husband lost, it was believed to show that God had chosen the truth, therefore it meant that the wife had lied about the rape. If this happened, she would be stripped, shorn (of her hair) tied to a wooden post by a collar, whipped and then burned alive.

Women have long been considered the property of men and have not been allowed to control property themselves until more recently. In the United States, we had less property rights than before, when at least the widow who was raped could keep her property, which was not the case in the United States in the 19th century. We didn’t get the vote until 1920. We needed a man’s signature to buy on credit until the 1970s and in some states women could still be legally beaten until the 1980s, to the love of God. And now the Republican Party isn’t satisfied, and it’s women as their latest target to wage war against as a new campaign tool. Being against all minority groups, against gays, immigrants, trans children, unions, teachers, education, the right to vote, the postal service and the banning of books they are not with Okay, this latest war on women brings out the worst of the worst in these soulless men who lack any compassion for anyone and only care about their jobs. They won’t stop until we turn the clock back to the 1700s. See, they offer the people nothing but hate and fear and poverty, so they must have something on which campaign, and we are just one target among many.

Judith Zitko

Hot Springs Village

Your condescending

Dear Editor:

Reading your views section today found me in absolute incense. You have chosen to print not one, but two views of conservative men, for whom abortion will be a mere moot point.

Mr. Gitz’s take on the matter seemed to be that these women are just in hysterics (a word he used twice) that Roe vs. Wade is likely to be overthrown. Does any of your readers know that the maternal mortality rate in the United States in 2020 is 23.8 deaths per 100,000? It’s with access to abortion, mind you. There’s nowhere to go for those numbers, but if Roe v. Wade was recovered.

For these men, they may be acceptable victims as long as their understanding of the Constitution is respected or the Republicans win. For me, these are real women who are torn too soon from their families and communities. Women who matter as real people, not theoretical acceptable losses. Forgive me for being “hysterical” about the increase in preventable loss of life. Gitz went on to say that “most legal scholars know inwardly that Roe was ill-motivated, but, being abortion rights proponents, don’t want to make a fuss about it.” Where is his research? I understand this is a viewpoint column, but can writers just claim to know other people’s thoughts?

Gitz also demonstrates a staggering intentional misunderstanding of the Ninth Amendment, through which he claims abortion rights were “ill-motivated.” Mr. Thiessen, on the other hand, took the approach that this was a political victory for Republicans. Forget the lives changed and lost forever, but thank goodness the Republicans have a victory, as if it were just a sporting event for him. At least Mr. Thiessen didn’t fake telepathy, like his counterpart Mr. Gitz. Thiessen repeatedly chooses to regurgitate sound bites from sources as unbiased (ha!) as Fox News that use biased data and abortion to vilify Democrats, saying, “The new Democratic orthodoxy is funded by taxpayers, the abortion on demand until the moment of birth.” Who has abortions until the moment of birth? I want real data, because this reads like a campfire story concocted to scare away pearl-hungry Republicans .

I can guarantee that any woman who has a third trimester abortion did not do it on a whim. It would be a rare and heartbreaking decision made with a medical professional. It clearly means nothing when you support the Republicans in a midterm election year, like you support your team in the Super Bowl. I’m disgusted that the views section today has been dominated by men adopting a condescending tone, reducing legitimate concerns to mere ‘hysterics’ and hyperbole that this is a women’s issue and therefore nothing that will affect them personally. Shame on these authors that they don’t bother to look past themselves, but I guess that’s what gives you a viewpoint column.

A. Bowen

Hot Springs

Milestone in stupidity

Dear Editor:

Today, May 12, is a milestone in stupidity: 1,000,000 Americans have died from COVID. What did the government do? Spent billions to help other countries. While the rent, food, gas and everything else keeps going up. But the rest of the world is getting help. But our own country will not be honest and will not help its citizens. Congress fights parties and religious lines. People who don’t want the vaccine claim their body, their choice. But our supposedly non-partisan Supreme Court is about to oppress women by taking away their right to abortion.

We sent billions to the Ukrainians, with a partisan vote. For a war in which we have nothing to do. Americans just go to Ukraine to fight. Like they’re on vacation just to kill a Russian. Social media right now is more ridiculous than ever. But again, there is nothing our government, state and federal, can do to help the American people.

When are you all going to wake up? Nobody helps us. I like to sum it up to my friends in the simplest way I know, because people are stupid. How come I can’t fix a pothole in my road that’s been there for almost 10 years? Because they have no money. But we have money to buy police tanks and other ridiculous things that we don’t need as a community.

In October, the United States will be completely broke, as if all the money is gone. Nobody talks about it. This is what Republicans and Democrats have achieved. But you still vote for them… stop.

We need leaders who actually care about people, not their religion or any other corporation or lobby that controls them. Take advantage of the summer COVID wave. Enjoy $5 gas. And don’t get me started on food prices. Don’t forget the shortage of infant formula. I mean, I guess kids in America starving every day is way better than abortion. As long as you are satisfied and feel your review has been validated. Put down your Bibles. Think for yourself. Stop letting the preacher with the Rolex and the Cadillac tell you how to think and how to vote. It’s time to fix this country. But are any of you able to quit social media for five minutes to do it?

Ron Swanson

Hot Springs

Soft music

Dear Editor:

Music is the universal language! Apolitical! If you’re like me, worn out by the deluge of negative political ads on television and radio, and want a rest for your ears, you should have been with me at the premiere of the Art Form series sponsored by the Hot Springs Jazz Society. The series begins each summer on the second Wednesday evening in May and runs through August, 6-7:30 p.m. at the Garland County Library Auditorium.

Last night, hosted by Jim Kelly, bassist Don Colquitt, Fouke High School band manager and founding member of the Texarkana Jazz Orchestra, along with drummer Russell Roberts, a retired public schoolteacher, and pianist Josh Lawrence, a professional region, presented a calming program of songs like “In a Mellow Tune”,”I Love You” and “Imagine.” They also discussed the role of each member of a jazz band and how they all work together to appeal to an admiring jazz-loving audience.

The Hot Springs Jazz Society is a voluntary, nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of jazz, supported in part by the Arkansas Arts Council and the National Endowments for the Arts. Her Mardi Gras costume ball, postponed from February due to COVID-19 concerns, is scheduled for May 21 at the Hot Springs Hotel, with a reception from the public.

John W. “Doc” Crawford


Distortion of the truth

Dear Editor:

Obviously Larry knew exactly who I was referring to in my letter condemning anyone who defended Putin. If not, why would he respond with such a long piece of fluff trying to distract from the truth? Hmm.

Gary Vogt

Hot Springs Village

let the people speak

Dear Editor:

Last week’s leak of the Supreme Court’s draft indicating that the court will indeed overturn Roe against Wade was hardly earth-shattering, given how politicized the current members are. He also laid bare the hypocrisy of those who applaud the decision. Overall, these people who claim to know what’s best for a woman’s body and her life are the same people who’ve been chanting “My body, my choice” for two years when asked to just wear a mask. in public to protect their fellow Americans and refuse to get vaccinated to protect themselves and others from a virus that has now claimed the lives of more than one million people in the United States.

My own position on abortion has always been that unless you’ve adopted a child or raised one in foster care, you really don’t have the right to have an opinion. You talk the talk without walking the walk.

That said, now that we’re going to have thousands of unwanted children born into low-income, low-education, single-parent families, pull out your checkbooks. Someone has to pay for a future that likely includes taxpayer-funded birth, health care, education, HUD housing, food stamps, free lunch programs, and in high percentages, incarceration. possible. If you’re in the game, prepare to go all out.

If you are discussing states rights, I will follow you. On a national vote of all citizens. Not the legislator. If states’ rights mean what they mean – the will of the people, not the will of politicians – then by all means let the Arkansans vote. If we haven’t learned anything, it’s because we don’t have the hottest knives in butter management at the State Capitol. And they rarely have anything other than their own interests and political agendas in mind. So let the people speak.

Anthony Lloyd

Hot Springs

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