Super Value Town Creates 30-Day Business Startup Challenge to Help Americans Build Wealth

Aspiring entrepreneurs get step-by-step guidance and all the resources needed to start a small business in 30 days or less – so they can easily go from “idea” to “opening”.

Wealth inequality is a scourge in America. Prices continue to rise while incomes do not. According to US government statistics, the richest 5% of Americans control 67% of the wealth. Meanwhile, the bottom 50% of Americans own just 1.9% of the wealth. It is the same as attending a dinner party of one hundred people where the poorest fifty people share less than two plates of food. It’s even worse for black Americans. According to Forbes, black people earn 30% less than their white counterparts. Moreover, black families own only one-eighth of the wealth of white households. So most Americans are not getting their fair share. That’s not true, and Super Value Town wants to help.

The great thing about America is that with the right opportunities and support, someone stuck in the bottom 50% can literally change their life at any time. The easiest way to do this is to start a new small business. The fastest way to do this is to complete the 30-day Start a Business Challenge.

Let’s look at three reasons why starting a business is a great equalizer. First, economic data shows that the three main sources of wealth creation are the stock market, real estate and entrepreneurship. The stock market is the equivalent of legalized gambling. As in casinos, the house always wins. Real estate is out of financial reach for most and is getting more and more expensive day by day. Anyone can start a small business with very little money. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses account for approximately 43.5% of US gross domestic product (GDP) and two-thirds of all new jobs. This means that starting a small business is the easiest and most profitable way to reliably build wealth. Second, US Census data shows that more than 4.4 million Americans started new small businesses during Covid, 51% more than in the past ten years. With Covid causing many people to lose their jobs, millions have recognized that starting a small business is the logical solution. Super Value Town created the challenge to help increase that number by many thousands more. Third, the Great Resignation showed that people want fulfilling work lives, where they are happy and valued. Being your own boss is the only way to guarantee that.

For thousands of would-be entrepreneurs, the solution to wealth inequality is to take the 30-day challenge to start a business. It gives people access to personalized coaching, easy-to-follow steps, and all the resources they need. Once people challenge themselves and invest in themselves and their future, they create a solid foundation to grow their wealth and live a better life.

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