Tornos news | Greek Foreign Minister highlights shared ties between Greece and UK

The ties that Greece and Britain share were underlined by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, during a speech at an event on Anglo-Greek friendship organized by the Anglo-Hellenic League, reports ANA .

“Our friendship is over two hundred years old,” he told the event on Thursday, “but we share so much more together. We are a maritime nation, and so are you. We are the oldest democracy, you are the oldest parliamentary democracy. We respect international law; you respect international law, including the international law of the sea.”

Referring to the event, Dendias expressed his pleasure to participate in the event to celebrate the Anglo-Hellenic friendship, while referring to a painting of Lord Byron behind him on the podium also took the opportunity to to express his deep admiration for the famous British philhellene, who fought and died for the cause of Greek freedom, emphasizing that Greece will never forget him.

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright : A. Savin

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