Whitefish Lodge bounces back after receiving paycheck protection program loan

WHITEFISH – The Paycheck Protection Through The CARES Act program helps businesses in the Flathead Valley, including Hidden Moose Lodge in Whitefish.

As restaurants and stores offered take-out and online shopping options during coronavirus home ordering, lodge owner Kent Taylor said the hospitality industry couldn’t provide anything like it, so the industry has taken a huge hit.

“The second half of March, April, May, we were stranded, unable to take reservations and unable to take reservations during that time,” Taylor said.

A small, 15-room bed and breakfast in Whitefish, Taylor explained that with the lack of bookings due to the coronavirus, the lodge has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue – and that puts a strain on its employees.

“We’ve had employees, long-term employees that I never laid off until this year,” he said.

It was then that he applied for the personal paycheck program which is specially designed with government funding to help small businesses survive during the coronavirus pandemic.

“You can use 25% to pay for your utilities and mortgage interest,” Taylor explained.

With the money he received from the PPP loan, he was able to rehire some employees, which is crucial for their small business.

“On June 1, we saw an increase in business but nothing to make up for the loss,” he said. “But it has helped the employees and it is a really good thing.”

Taylor says Hidden Moose Lodge has applied for two more state grants, one to help small businesses and one to help pay off their mortgage.

He is still waiting for a response to see if his company can receive these funds.

If you would like to apply for a PPP loan, please visit their website.

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