Woman seeking pension entitlement from deceased father dies in court

A woman who had been asking to inherit her father’s pension for five years has died during her case hearing in a Lahore court, highlighting the ineffectiveness of the justice system.

The woman named Zub-un-nisa was pursuing a long attempt to secure her deceased father’s pension as the sole heir, according to a Publish by lawyer Ambreen Qureshi. The woman died before her case was over.

The Pakistani justice system has been criticized for the slowness of the proceedings. One study indicated that it takes between 20 and 30 years for a “moderately complex civil case” to be resolved in Pakistani courts.

In a similar case, it took almost 40 years for two sisters to legitimately claim the inheritance of their father’s property.

The woman’s death in court also highlights the precarious nature of female litigants in the male-dominated Pakistani justice system.

According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report 2021, Pakistan ranks 153rd out of 156 countries for gender inequality. The report mentions that women in Pakistan do not have equal access to justice, equal ownership of land and non-financial assets, or equal inheritance rights.

In June, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Law and Justice approved the Women’s Property Rights Enforcement Bill 2019 (Section 7), which aims to help women claim their rights. to the property.

“Women’s inheritance property rights are generally violated by their family members through coercion, fraud, fabrication, counterfeiting and fraud, etc. It is therefore necessary to provide an effective and rapid redress mechanism to protect and guarantee the property rights of women in property, ”says the bill.

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