World Bank hints at buying new Toyota Landcruiser for NaFAA

MONROVIA – The World Bank says the new SUV used by the Chief Executive of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Agency (NaFAA) was purchased using World Bank procedures.

The Bank, in a statement, disclosed that the Toyota Land Cruiser was purchased under the Sustainable Fisheries Management Project in Liberia implemented by the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NAFAA) [].

The World Bank: “The vehicle was purchased under World Bank procedures and assigned to the senior management of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) to monitor project activities, particularly in the rural counties affected by the project and facing huge road problems. If anyone has credible and material information about misuse of resources in World Bank-funded projects, they can file a complaint online with the Bank Group‘s Integrity Vice Presidency (INT). using this link: and corruption.>>”

The Bank’s clarification comes amid news on social media that NaFAA Chief Executive Emma Glasco purchased the vehicle using the World Bank fund and had it customized.

African Motors from whom the vehicle was purchased also clarified that they had tendered to the World Bank for the supply of the vehicle.

Africa Motors also debunked reports that the vehicle had been customised. According to the car dealership, the vehicle was already in their showroom before the bidding process began.

NaFAA also clarified that it has no authority over the funds provided by the World Bank to NaFAA.

“The Bank has very strict policies on the purchase of goods and services which were applied when purchasing the vehicle and are also very involved in every step of the purchase process, starting with specifications/details vehicle, preparation of bidding documents to award of contract to the relevant company/service provider as well as disbursement of funds,” NaFAA said in a press release on Thursday.

NaFAA: “NaFAA also wishes to state that it has no discretion over the disbursement of funds or the award of contracts. NaFAA further clarifies that it is not the repository of World Bank funds and is therefore not at its disposal. Rather, NaFAA is the implementing entity, ensuring that programs implemented are consistent with Project Appraisal Documents (PADs) that reflect the institution’s underlying objectives as well as the Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity (PAPD).

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